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At we are in the business of saving your precious memories. Using only the latest professional digital broadcast cameras and the best in transferring techniques we are saving peoples old 8mm, super 8, 16mm, and even VHS tapes, BetaMax and 8mm Tape.
Video Tape to DVD Conversion
One of the biggest problems with VHS, SVHS, VHSc, SVHSc, Hi8, Betamax, Digital8, MiniDV, DVCam, 8mm video tape and Beta tapes are that the cameras that were used to record them on are no longer available. If you had a VCR to play your tapes and it hasn't been serviced recently you are risking you precious memories. Chances are the tape will get caught inside the machine and get eaten or worse yet destroyed.
At we have been converting your VHS, SVHS, VHSc, SVHSc, Hi8, Betamax, Digital8, MiniDV, DVCam, 8mm video tape and Beta tapes for over 8 years. Our equipment is serviced regularly and replaced with professional machines only.
Where as most of our competitors charge you by the tape (even if it not full) we only charge you for the footage transferred. We use only the highest quality Ridata DVDs and absolutely guarantee our work. If there are ANY problems with the recording that we provide we will gladly rerun the tape if a better singal is able to be retrieved.
Are you planning to edit?
If you would like to edit your VHS, SVHS, VHSc, SVHSc, Hi8, Betamax, Digital8, MiniDV, DVCam, 8mm video tape and Beta tapes we offer not only VHS to DVD, SVHS to DVD, Hi8 to DVD. We can also upload your tapes directly into our computers and create either .avi or .dv files. So if you would like an .avi file on your portable hard drive or a DVD disk, even MiniDV tape we can supply those formats. Letting you keep those movies for a long time to come in a way that lets you have all the nostalgia with a lot less of the nostalgic hardware that would otherwise go with it.
Here is a list of conversions we currently offer for video:
• VHS to DVD
• VHS to DVD Florida
• VHS conversions
• VHS conversions Florida
• converting VHS
• converting VHS Florida
• VHS transfers
• VHS transfers Florida
• transferring VHS
• transferring VHS Florida
• SVHS to DVD Florida
• SVHS conversions
• SVHS conversions Florida
• converting SVHS
• converting SVHS Florida
• SVHS transfers
• SVHS transfers Florida
• transferring SVHS
• transferring SVHS Florida
8mm Tape
• 8mm tape to DVD
• 8mm tape DVD Florida
• 8mm conversions
• 8mm tape conversions Florida
• converting 8mm tape
• converting 8mm tape Florida
• 8mm tape transfers
• 8mm tape transfers Florida
• transferring 8mm tape
• transferring 8mm tape Florida
• Hi8 to DVD
• Hi8 to DVD Florida
• Hi8 conversions
• Hi8 conversions Florida
• converting Hi8
• converting Hi8 Florida
• Hi8 transfers
• Hi8 transfers Florida
• transferring Hi8
• transferring Hi8 Florida
• betamax to DVD
• betamax to DVD Florida
• betamax conversions
• betamax conversions Florida
• betamax converting
• betamax converting Florida
• betamax transfers
• betamax transfers Florida
• transferring betamax
• transferring betamax Florida
• Digital8 to DVD
• Digital8 to DVD Florida
• Digital8 conversions
• Digital8 conversions Florida
• converting Digital8
• converting Digital8 Florida
• Digital8 transfers
• Digital8 transfers Florida
• transferring Digital8
• transferring Digital8 Florida
• ntsc to DVD
• ntsc to DVD Florida
• ntsc conversions
• ntsc conversions Florida
• converting ntsc
• converting ntsc Florida
• ntsc transfers
• ntsc transfers Florida
• transferring ntsc
• transferring ntsc Florida
• pal to DVD
• pal to DVD Florida
• pal conversions
• pal conversions Florida
• converting pal
• pal Florida
• converting transfers
• pal transfers Florida
• converting pal
• transferring pal Florida
• MiniDV to DVD
• MiniDV to DVD Florida
• MiniDV conversions
• MiniDV conversions Florida
• converting MiniDV
• converting MiniDV Florida
• converting MiniDV
• MiniDV transfers Florida
• transferring MiniDV
• transferring MiniDV Florida
• secam to DVD
• secam to DVD Florida
• secam conversions
• secam conversions Florida
• secam Hi8
• secam Hi8 Florida
• secam transfers
• secam transfers Florida
• transferring secam
• transferring secam Florida
8mm, Super8, 16mm
8mm, Hi8, VHS,
MiniDV, Beta and
many others
Cassettes, LPs,
Micro Cassettes
35mm Slides,
Negatives, Photo
Restoration & Print
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We repair all Video tape too!!! If your VHS, 8mm, Hi8 VHSc and Audio Cassette tape was jammed in the VCR and the tape is mangled and crinkled then send it to us. Do not rewind the tape into the tape housing. Leave it "as is". Tampering with the damaged tape or trying to disassemble the plastic cassette housing may result in further damage.
We will make a DVD copy of damaged tape. DVDs do not lose the video signal (over time) like video tapes do.
We regularly repair 10-25 tapes each week in our studio and often for very important events like court cases, micro cassettes used by Doctors, Lawyers and Professors.
So if you are searching for a reputable company in the Toronto, Ontario region or any where in Canada you can send us your Hi8 tape,VHS, VHSc, SVHS, Cassette tape, 8mm Tape, Pal Secam and NTSC tapes, MiniDV, Digital 8 tapes to have them converted to DVD or MiniDV.
Video Presentations
Bring us your favorite pictures and some movie clips. We'll put everything on video and dub your choice of music to the background. All on a DVD to cherish forever. We can even upload to the web for world wide viewing. has produced thousands of video presentations for Weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties. Our presentations are edited for both screen presentations and to work on your home television.
Click here to view some samples!!
Many people will send us all the photos that have been taken during their lifetime, have us digitize them and create a family biography.


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